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SvR | Winslow Way


Title: Winslow Way Streetscape

Project: Bainbridge Island, WA

Firm: SvR Design Company

Summary:  The redevelopment of the streetscape on Winslow Way in the City of Bainbridge Island was the result of over 10 years of community visioning. ‘Winslow Tomorrow’, a community-based planning process begun in 2004, encouraged Bainbridge Island residents to explore alternatives for the future of Winslow Way and downtown Bainbridge Island. Over 125 stakeholder participants developed evaluation criteria that could be used to assess the potential of future designs to meet community goals and reflect the values of “sustainability, placemaking, connectivity and vitality”. The replacement of aging utility infrastructure along Winslow Way emerged as one of the city’s top priorities. A design team was assembled to complete a streetscape study that established guiding themes–Art, Garden and Ecology–and a conceptual design for the future street.