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Hewitt | Community Spaces & Public Places


Title: Community Spaces & Public Places

Project: Urban green spaces in Seattle

Firm: Hewitt

Summary: As the City grows, much of our open space is hidden from public view in private rooftop gardens, plazas and courtyards located within residential buildings. Amenity spaces are growing in popularity and necessity as an extension of resident’s rentable space.  As units are becoming increasingly smaller, outdoor gathering spaces help foster a sense of community for tenants of these buildings.

Green streets and woonerfs offer opportunities to reshape the public right-of-way into a community resource at the same time creating safe, active and accessible environments for pedestrians and bikes. As the city continues to grow and densify its urban centers and villages, the need for open space will continue to grow. Woonerfs are one model for complete streets, giving pedestrians and bikes priority over cars. These projects are a demonstration of what is possible.