Bosnia Design/Build

The Summer Design/Build 2009 Program offers students a unique service learning opportunity to study in one of the world’s most interesting countries, Bosnia. This program is designed to meet two primary goals. First it offers students the opportunity to explore, observe and study in this unique country and gain insight into a unique culture and appreciate its vernacular environmental design. Second, the opportunity to work with a unique client and design and build invaluable therapeutic gardens that will nurture and stimulate the children, their families and those families traumatized by the recent ethnic genocide.

Rome Program

The Italian Landscape Studies program offers courses to undergraduate and graduate students in Landscape Architecture and related fields. The program is based in the Palazzo Pio, which is widely considered to be the finest facility operated by an American University in Rome. On the Pio’s doorstep are incomparable urban landscapes in one of the world’s greatest cities. In addition, the program uses the landscapes of other Italian cities and villa gardens as a laboratory for understanding Italy’s magnificent and unique contributions to landscape and urban design, urbanism, and western culture.

ScanDesign Programs

Supported by the ScanDesign Foundation, the College of Built Environments offers a series of programs that directly involve architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design students in the work of Gehl Architects, an internationally renowned leader in environmentally sensitive design, and use both Copenhagen and Seattle as sites for learning. These programs give students the opportunity to see and study examples of Denmark’s innovative approach to sustainability firsthand and then give them an opportunity to apply what they have learned in Seattle.

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Valle Scholarship and Exchange

Unparalleled in the United States, the Valle Scholarship and Scandinavian Exchange Program has a dual mission: (1) To promote and fund the exchange of graduate students between the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington and programs in the Nordic countries. (2) To support outstanding graduate students in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Built Environments.

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